Offering Affordable Dumpster Service in Orange County

Whatever type of cleanout or cleanup project you're planning, there are times when having a dumpster on site is invaluable. Dumpster service allows you to load up trash and unwanted items into a central location—and to watch all of that junk and garbage get hauled away by professionals at the end of your project. For dumpster services in Orange County, look no further than A Dump Chump. We've been helping local residents with professional dumpster service since 2000, and we're more than ready to put our experience to work for you. 

When you call A Dump Chump to discuss your dumpster needs, we'll help you decide between a 12- and 14-cubic-yard trailer. We'll schedule a dumpster service period that works for you and drop off the trailer right on time. When you're finished, we'll be back to pick up the container, rolling it away without damaging your grass, driveway, or other surfaces. We're licensed and insured, and take pride in offering excellent customer service! For more information about hiring A Dump Chump in Orange County, contact us at (760) 896-4901.